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Being-there and Becoming: The Original Way of Human Beings A Comparative Study of “Dasein” in Heidegger and “Bhava” in Theravada Buddhism

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Sumalee Mahanarongchai ,9786163140838, 9786163141439, Thammasat University Press, 2015

Among Thai readers, the name of Martin Heidegger may not be familiar, but for those who are impressed by continental philosophy especially on the field of phenomenology and existentialism, his name is well recognized. At the first time I read his prominent book, Being and Time, many of his arguments, though difficult and preliminary as he claimed, seemed compatible with some philosophical insights postulated in Buddhism. Most similarities may occur by coincidence, but even so, it is not strange why his fundamental ontology has been usually taken into comparison with some great Asian lines of thought such as Hinduism, Taoism and Zen Buddhism.


Table of Contents
Part I:    
Chapter One: Dasein and the Problem of Being
Chapter Two: Bhava in Theravāda Buddhism
Part II:                    
Chapter Three: The Spatial Dimension of Dasein and Bhava
Chapter Four: The Temporal Dimension of Dasein and Bhava
Chapter Five: The Moral Dimension of Dasein and Bhava
Chapter Six: What Is the Comparative Study For?
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