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Characterization of polymers (Materials characterization series)


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CODE: MP-B0000021

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Ho-Ming Tong,Steven P. Kowalczyk,Ravi Saraf,Ned J. Chou
Momentum Press, 1994
Total Pages: 342

Table of Content

Preface to the reissue of the materials characterization series
Preface to series
Preface to the re-issue of characterization of polymers
1. Polymer structures and synthesis methods
Charles E. Rogers and Robert Simha
2. Polymer fabrication techniques
L. J. Matienzo, D. W. Wang and F. Emmi
3. Chemical composition of polymers
Steven P. Kowalczyk
4. Characterization of the morphology of polymer surfaces, interfaces, and thin films by microscopy techniques
Dwight W. Schwark and Edwin L. Thomas
5. Structure and morphology of interfaces and thin films by scattering techniques
Ravi F. Saraf
6. Surface thermodynamics
Thomas B. Lloyd and David W. Dwight
7. Surface modifi cation of polymers
Ned J. Chou and Chin-An Chang
8. Adhesion
Steven P. Kowalczyk and Jung-Ihl Kim
9. Chemistry, reactivity, and fracture of polymer interfaces
Steven G. H. Anderson and Paul S. Ho
10. The polymer–polymer interface
Todd Mansfield, Russell J. Composto and Richard S. Stein
11. Friction and wear (tribology)
Norman S. Eiss, Jr
12. References for future study
Ho-Ming Tong and Da-Yuan Shih