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A Communion of Subjects: Animals in Religion,Science,and Ethics


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Paul Waldau, Kimberley Patton
Columbia University Press, 2006
Total Pages: 723

Table of Content

Heritage of the Volume by Mary Evelyn Tucker
Prologue: Loneliness and Presence by Thomas Berry
Introduction by Paul Waldau and Kimberley Patton
Part I: Animals in Religion,Science,and Ethics: In and Out of Time
"Caught with Ourselves in the Net of Life and Time": Traditional Views of Animals in Religion by Kimberley Patton
Seeing the Terrain We Walk: Features of the Contemporary Landscape of "Religion and Animals' by Paul Waldau
Part II: Animals in Abrahamic Traditions by Judaism
Sacrifice in Ancient Israel: Pure Bodies, Domesticated Animals, and the Divine Shepherd by Jonathan Klawans
Hope for the Animal Kingdom: A Jewish Vision by Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Hierarchy, Kinship, and Responsibility: The Jewish Relationship to the Animal World by Roberta Kalechofsky
The Bestiary of Heretics: Imaging Medieval Christian Heresy with Insects and Animals by Beverly Kienzle
Descartes, Christianity, and Contemporary Speciesism by Gary Steiner
Practicing the Presence of God: A Christian Approach to Animals by Jay Mcdaniel
"This she-camel of God is a sign to you": Dimensions of Animals in Islamic Tradition and Muslim Culture by Richard Foltz
The Case of the Animals Versus Man: Toward an Ecology of Being by Zayn Kassam
"Oh that I could be a bird and fly, I would rush to the Beloved": Birds in Islamic Mystical Poetry by Ali Asani
Part III: Animals in Indian Traditions HindUism
Cows, Elephants, Dogs, and Other Lesser Embodiments of Atman: Reflections on Hindu Attitudes Toward Nonhuman Animals by Lance Nelson
Strategies of Vedic Subversion: The Emergence of Vegetarianism in Post-Vedic India by Edwin Bryant
"A vast unsupervised recycling plant": Animals and the Buddhist Cosmos by Ian Harris
Snake-Kings, Boars' Heads, Deer Parks, Monkey Talk: Animals as Transmitters and Transformers in Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Narratives by Ivette Vargas
Inherent Value Without Nostalgia: Animals and the Jaina Tradition by Christopher Chapple
Five-Sensed Animals in Jainism by Kristi Wiley
Part IV: Animals in Chinese Traditions Early Chinese Religion
"Of a tawny bull We make offering": Animals in Early Chinese Religion by Roel Sterckx
Daoism and Animals by E.N.Anderson and Lisa Raphals
Of Animals and Humans: The Confucian Perspective by Rodney Taylor
Part V: East Meets West Animals in Philosophy and Cultural History
Human Exceptionalism versus Cultural Elitism: (Or "Three in the morning, four at night") by Roger Ames
Humans and Animals: The History from a Religio-Ecological Perspective by Jordan Paper
Part VI: Animals in Myth
A Symbol in Search of an Object: The Mythology of Horses in India by Wendy Doniger
Animals in African Mythology by Kofi Opoku
"Why Umbulka Killed His Master": Aboriginal Reconciliation and the Australian Wild Dog (Canis lupus dingo) by Ian Mcintosh
Part VII: Animals in Ritual
Knowing and Being Known by Animals: Indigenous Perspectives on Personhood by John Grim
Animal Sacrifice: Metaphysics of the Sublimated Victim by Kimberley Patton
Hunting the Wren: A Sacred Bird in Ritual by Elizabeth Lawrence
Ridiculus Mus: Of Mice and Men in Roman Thought by Christopher Mcdonough
Raven Augury from Tibet to Alaska: Dialects, Divine Agency, and the Bird's-Eye View by Eric Mortensen
Part VIII: Animals in Art
On the Dynamis of Animals, or How Animalium Became Anthropos by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona
Part IX: Animals as Subjects Ethical Implications for Science
Wild Justice, Social Cognition, Fairness, and Morality: A Deep Appreciation for the Subjective Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff
From Cognition to Consciousness by Donald Griffin
Are Animals Moral Agents?: Evolutionary Building Blocks of Morality by Marc Hauser
Ethics, Biotechnology,and Animals by Bernard Rollin
Animal Experimentation by Kenneth Shapiro
Part X: Are Animals "For" Humans? the Issues of Factory Farming
Caring for Farm Animals: Pastoralist Ideals in an Industrialized World by David Fraser
Agriculture, Livestock, and Biotechnology: Values, Profits, and Ethics by Michael Fox
Agribusiness: Farming Without Culture by Gary Valen
Part XI: Contemporary Challenges: Law, Social Justice, and the Environment: Animals and the Law
Animal Law and Animal Sacrifice: Analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Santeria Animal Sacrifice in Hialeah by Steven Wise
Animals and Social Justice
"A very rare and difficult thing": Ecofeminism, Attention to Animal Suffering and the Disappearance of the Subject by Carol Adams
Interlocking Oppressions: The Nature of Cruelty to Nonhuman Animals and its Relationship to Violence Toward Humans by Kim Roberts
Animal Protection and the Problem of Religion: An Interview with Peter Singer by Peter Singer
Animals and Global Stewardship
Earth Charter Ethics and Animals by Steven Rockefeller
Pushing Environmental Justice to a Natural Limit by Paul Waldau
A Communion of Subjects and a Multiplicity of Intelligences by Mary Evelyn Tucker