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Approaching the Past: Historical Anthropology Through Irish Case Studies


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Marilyn Silverman, P. H. Gulliver
Columbia University Press, 1992
Total Pages: 439

Table of Content

I. Introduction
1. Historical Anthropology and the Ethnographic Tradition: A Personal, Historical, and Intellectual Account by Marilyn Silverman and P. H. Gulliver
II.Approaching The Past Using Irish Ethnography
2. A Political Orchestration of the Irish Famine: County Fermanagh, May 1847 by Joan Vincent
3. From Fisher to Poacher: Public Right and Private Property in the Salmon Fisheries of the River Nore in the Nineteenth Century by Marilyn Silverman
4. The The Languages of Belief: Nineteenth-Century Religious Discourse in Southwest Donegal by Lawrence J. Taylor
5. Shopkeepers and Farmers in South Kilkenny, 1840-1981 by P. H. Gulliver
6. The Early Twentieth-Century Irish Stem Family: A Case Study from County Kerry by Donna Birdwell-Pheasant
7. Making the Documents of Conquest Speak: The Transformation of Property, Society, and Settlement in Seventeenth-Century Counties Tipperary and Kilkenny by William J. Smyth
III.Approaches to the Past in Anthropology, Social History, and Historical Sociology
8. Colonialism and the Interpretation of Irish Historical Development by Joseph Ruane
9. Historical Anthropology, Historical Sociology, and the Making of Modern Europe by Samuel Clark
10. The Anthropological Turn in Social History by Nicholas Rogers