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A Derrida Reader: Between the Blinds


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CODE: COL-B0001049

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Peggy Kamuf
Columbia University Press, 1991
Total Pages: 674

Table of Content

Introduction Reading Between the Blinds
Part One: Differance at the Origin
One: From Speech and Phenomena (La Voix Et Le Phenomene [1967])
Two: From of Grammatology (De La Grammatologie, [1967])
Three: From "Differance" in Margins of Philosophy ("La Difference" in Marges De La Philosophie [1972]
Four: "Signature Event Context" in Margins of Philosophy ("Signature Evenement Contexte" in Marges De La Philosophie [1972])
Five: From "Plato's Pharmacy" in Dissemination ("La Pharmacie De Platon" in La Dissemination [1972])
Part Two: Beside Philosophy-"Literature"
Six: "Tympan" in Margins of Philosophy ("Tympan" in Marges De La Philosophie [1972])
Seven: From "The Double Session" in Dissemination ("La Double Seance" in La Dissemination [1972])
Eight :From "Psyche: Inventions of the Other" ("Psyche: Invention de I'autre" in Psyche: Inventions de I'autre [1987])
Nine: 'Che Cos'e La Poesia?" [1988]
Part Three: More Than One Language
Ten: From "Des Tours De Babel" [1985]
Eleven: From "Living On: Border Lines" [1979] ("Survivre: Journal De Bord" in Parages [1986])
Twelve: 'letter to a Japanese Friend" ("Lettre a Un Ami Japonais" in Psyche: Inventions De I'autre [1987])
Thirteen: From "Restitutions of the Truth in Pointing" in the Truth in Painting ("Restitutions: De La Verite en Pointure" in La Verite en Peinture [1978])
Part Four: Sexual Difference in Philosophy
Fourteen: From Glas [1974]
Fifteen: From Spurs: Nietzsche's Styles [Eperons: Les Styles de Nietzsche [1978])
Sixteen: "Geschlecht: Sexual Difference, Ontological Difference" ("Geschlecht: Difference Sexuelle, Difference Ontologique," in Psyche: Inventions de I'autre [1987])
Seventeen: From "At This Very Moment in This Work Here I am" ("En Ce Moment Meme Dans Cet Ouvrage Me Voici," in Psyche: Inventions De L'autre [1987])
Eighteen: From "Choreographies" [1982]
Part Five: Tele-Types (Yes, Yes)
Nineteen: From "Le Facteur De La Verite," in the Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond (La Carte Postale: De Socrate a Freud Et Au-Dela [1980])
Twenty: From "Envois," in the Post Card (La Carte Postale [1980])
Twenty-One: From "To Speculate at on 'freud'," in the Post Card ("Speculer- Sur 'freud'," in La Carte Postale [1980])
Twenty-Two: From "Ulysses Gramophone: Hear Say Yes in Joyce" ("Ulysse Gramophone: Oui-Dire de Joyce," in Ulysse Gramophone: Deux Mots Pour Joyce [1987])