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A Partisan Century: Political Writings from Partisan Review


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CODE: COL-B0001044

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Edith Kurzweil
Columbia University Press, 1996
Total Pages: 437

Table of Content

Editorial Statement
Second Thoughts on the USSR by Andre Gide
Art and Politics: A Letter to the Editors of Partisan Review by Leon Trotsky
The English Literary Left by F. W. Dupee
September Journal by Stephen Spender
The Cultural Front: Leon Trotsky by James T. Farrell
Ten Propositions on the War by Clement Greenberg and Dwight Macdonald
London Letter by George Orwell
Ten Propositions and Eight Errors by Philip Rahv
The "Liberal" Fifth Column by Editorial Statement
The "Liberal" Fifth Column: A Rejoinder by Heinz Eulau
Paris Letter by Nicola Chiaromonte
The Culture Conference by Irving Howe
Report on the International Day Against Dictatorship and War by Sidney Hook
The Berlin Congress for Cultural Freedom by Sidney Hook
Our Country and Our Culture by Editors
The Sense and Nonsense of Whittaker Chambers by Philip Rahv
Sartre versus Camus: A Political Quarrel by Nicola Chiaromonte
The Oppenheimer Case: A Reading of the Testimony by Diana Trilling
Communism Now by G. L. Arnold
Coexistence: The End of Ideology by Raymond Aron
Letter from the South: Nobody Knows My Name by James Baldwin
The Cold War and the West
The National Style and the Radical Right by Daniel Bell
Notes on "Camp" by Susan Sontag
The New Radicalism by Nat Hentoff
On Vietnam and the Dominican Republic by Editorial Statement
A Statement on the CIA
June 6, 1968 by William Phillips
The Politics of Polemics by William Phillips
America Today: An Exchange by Norman Birnbaum and Christopher Lasch
The Decline of the West by Hans Morgenthau
While America Burns
The Neoconservatives by Amitai Etzioni
The Responsibility of Scientists by Andrei Sakharov
Letter from Italy by Edith Kurzweil
Thunder on the Left by Morris Dickstein
Letter from Israel by Shlomo Avineri
Israeli Letter by Robert S. Wistrich
Gratitude to Our Former Rulers by Vassily Aksyonov
The Polish Spring by Jeffrey Herf
No Third Way by Ralf Dahrendorf
The End of Communism? by Paul Hollander
Intellectuals and the Failure of Communism by Walter Laqueur
Soft Totalitarianism by Steven Marcus
American Identities by Conor Cruise O'Brien
Romania's Mystical Revolutionaries by Vladimir Tismaneanu