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A History of Latin Literature


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Moses Hadas
Columbia University Press, 1952
Total Pages: 484

Table of Content

I: The Nature of Latin Literature
II: The Beginnings
III: Comedy and Satire
IV: Pre-Ciceronian Prose
V: Lucretius and Catullus
VI: Caesar, Sallust,and Others
VII: Cicero
VIII: Vergil
IX: Horace
X: Tibullus and Propertius
XI: Ovid
XII: Livy and Others
XIII: Seneca
XIV: Silver Epic
XV: Satire
XVI: Learning and Letters in the First Century
XVII: Tacitus and Suetonius
XVIII: The Age of Hadrian
XIX: The Third Century
XX: Paganism at Bay: Fourthcentury Prose
XXI: Humanist Survival in Poetry
XXII: The Writers of Christianity