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A Calculus of Suffering: Pain, Professionalism, and Anesthesia in Nineteenth-Century America


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CODE: COL-B0000232

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Martin S. Pernick
Columbia University Press, 1985
Total Pages: 436

Table of Content

Part One: Anesthesia and Medicine in Nineteenth-Century America
Chapter One The Case of Mcgonigle's Foot: Nonanesthetic Surgery in Postanesthetic America
Chapter Two A House Divided: An Interpretive Overview of Nineteenth-Century American Medicine
Part Two: Why Not Everyone? the Meaning of Selective Anesthetization
Chapter Three the Drawbacks of Anesthesia
Chapter Four the Benefits of Anesthesia
Chapter Five the Professional Calculus: Anesthesia and the Origins of Utilitarian Professionalism
Chapter Six From the Universal to the Particular: Professionalism, Anesthesia, and Human Individuality
Chapter Seven "They Don't Feel It Like We Do": Social Politics and the Perception of Pain
Part Three: Who Received Anesthetics: theory and Practice
Chapter Eight Indications and Contraindications: Rules For Using Anesthetics
Chapter Nine Ideology and Action: Who Actually Received Anesthetics
Chapter Ten Why Doctors Still Differed
Chapter Eleven Anesthesia and the Calculus of Suffering:aCritical Evaluation