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A Cultural History of the American Revolution: Painting, Music, Literature, and the Theatre in the Colonies and the United States from the Treaty of Paris to the Inauguration of Georg Wasbington,1763-1789


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Kenneth Silverman
Columbia University Press, 1976
Total Pages: 725

Table of Content

BOOK ONE - Peace and Learning
Calendar for February 1763-August 1770
Part One Culture in British America between the Treaty of Paris and the Stamp Act, 17631765
2. The Art World
3. Musical Life
4. The Literary Scene
5. The Theatre
Part Two Demonstrations -American Culture 1765-1770
6. Stamp Act Protests:August-December 1765
7. Excursus: Whig Sentimentalism
8. Benjamin West's American School in London:June 1763-Early 1766
9. Charles Willson Peale Flees to New England:Summer 1765
10. Copley's Boy with Squirrel:Fall 1765
11. Douglass' New Troupe in Charleston:October 25-November 4, 1765
12. Repeal of the Stamp Act:January-May 1766
13. Hopkinson and Peale in London:July 1766-Spring 1767
14. Success of Boy with Squirrel:August 1766
15. Opening of the Southwark Theatre:November 1766; the First American Actor;the First American Play, The Prince ofParthia:April 24,1767
16. The Townshend Acts: June 1767;Liberty Songs and Poems 1768-69
17. West's Agrippina, Peale's Pitt:c. Spring 1767-Spring 1769
18. Arrival of John Henry: August 1767;The Virginia Company of Comedians;The American Company Thwarted Again in Charleston:August 1769
19. British Troops in Boston:October 1768-March 1770
20. Repeal of the Townshend Acts:April 1770;Statue of King George Raised in New York: August 23,1770
BOOK TWO - Arts and Arms
Calendar for September 1770-December 1783
Part One Culture in British America during the "Quiet Period,"I770-I773:21.Commencement:1770
22. The Art World
23. Musical Life
24. The Literary Scene
25. The Theatre
Part Two Battles -American Culture I773-I783
26. The Tea Act and the Boston Port Bill:May 1773-September 1774
27. Copley in Europe:July 1774-March 1775
28. The First Continental Congress:September-October 1774
29. Lexington, Concord,Bunker's Hill: April-June 1775
30. The Siege of Boston:July 1775-March 1776
31. Outside Boston:Spring 1774-Spring 1776
32. The Second Continental Congress Declares Independence:Fall 1775-Summer 1776
33. New York, New Jersey,Pennsylvania:Summer 1776-Winter 1777-78
34. Excursus:Music in the Army
35. Philadelphia and New York:Summer 1778-Summer 1780
36. The Andre Affair: Fall 1780
37. The American School: 1777-1782
38. Billings and Law; the Yale Poets: New England, 1777-1782
39. Charleston and Yorktown:May 1780-October 1781
40. Philadelphia:November 1781 -November 1782
41. 1783: Peace Returning
BOOK THREE - Virtue Against Luxury
Calendar for January I784-April 1789
Part One American Culture between the Peace and the Constitutional Convention,1784-1787:42.Commencement: 1783
43. The Art World
44. Musical Life
45. The Literary Scene
46. The Theatre
Part Two Parades-American Culture I787-I789
47. The Constitution:May 1787-June 1788
48. Late Developments During the First Presidential Election. The First American Songsters; the First American Novel; the First American Landscape Paintings; the Repeal of the Anti-Theatre Laws: November 1788-March 1789
49. The Inauguration of Washington:April 1789