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About our company

iG Publishing is a spin-off company from iGroup Asia, the leading library information service provider in Asia. Since 1999, we have started promoting online ebooks to libraries throughout the Asia Pacific region. Back then, it was clear to us that ebooks will revolutionalise libraries in the way students, faculties, and researchers will consume information. Although, the market wasn't ready, we knew the eventuality. Not just because ebooks saves trees and shelf space, but also because it is the natural evolution of the learning landscape. Under the leadership of our Group President, Mr Lee Pit Teong, IG Publishing was incorporated to meet this specific changing demand.

At iG Publishing, we believe that libraries are at the tipping point of the digital realm.  Most of us already see in our mind's eye the future library.  That digitally enhanced information gateway providing 24x7 access and unprecedented capability to discover new and authenticated information.  

Demand for such resources will only continue to grow.  Not just because of the "web generation", but also because of the changing education landscape.  Problem based learning and Experiential learning will help drive the need for online ebooks.  Librarians as the information manager need to help bridge the divide between information and learning.

We at IG Publishing recognize these values.  As such, our mission is to  devote our efforts to work with publishers and libraries in developing useful ebook products. Products that will meet the learning and research demands.

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