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Columbia University

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Young Shakespeare

CODE: COL-B0000109

Price : US$ 70.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Russell Fraser 023106764X Columbia University Press, 1988 Total Pages: 278 Table of Content 1. The Country 2. The Town 3. "I, Daedalus" 4. Shadows of Himself 5. Wild-Goose Chase 6. A Motley to the View 7. The Dyer's Hand [more]

Yokomitsu Riichi: Modernist

CODE: COL-B0000353

Price : US$ 83.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Dennis Keene 0231049382 Columbia University Press, 1980 Total Pages: 245 Table of Content Chapter One: Situation Chapter Two: The Sun in Heaven Chapter Three: Shinkankakuha- Background and Theory Chapter Four: Shinkankakuha-Practice Chapter Five: The Death of a Wife...[more]

Yenan and the Great Powers: The Origins of Chinese Communist Foreign Policy, 1944-1946

CODE: COL-B0000375

Price : US$ 74.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
James Reardon-Anderson 0231047843 Columbia University Press, 1980 Total Pages: 234 Table of Content Introduction Chapter One The Politics of War (1935-1943) Chapter Two Fight or Talk Uanuary-July 1944) Chapter Three The American Connection (August-October 1944)...[more]

Writings on Psychoanalysis: Freud and Lacan

CODE: COL-B0000789

Price : US$ 27.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Louis Althusser 0231101694\9780231101691 Columbia University Press, 1996 Total Pages: 210 Table of Content Introduction 1. Freud and Lacan 1964 2. Letters to D. 1966 3. The Tbilisi Affair 1976-1984 4. "In the Name of the Analysands ..." 1980 5. Correspondence...[more]

Writing the Republic: Liberalism and Morality in American Political Fiction

CODE: COL-B0000637

Price : US$ 46.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Anthony Hutchison 9780231141383\9780231511902 Columbia University Press, 2007 Total Pages: 258 Table of Content Introduction: Liberalism and the Problem of Tradition in American Literature Writing the Republic Part I The Nineteenth-Century Context 1 Elusive...[more]

Writing News for Broadcast, Third Edition

CODE: COL-B0001257

Price : US$ 70.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Edward Bliss,Jr., James L. Hoyt 0231079729\0231079737\9780231079730 Columbia University Press, 1994 Total Pages: 175 Table of Content 1. A New Way of Reporting 2. Basic Work Rules 3. Names and Pronunciation 4. Tell Your Story 5. Watch That Word! 6. Some Grammatical...[more]

Wrestling with the Muse: Dudley Randall and the Broadside Press

CODE: COL-B0000554

Price : US$ 36.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Melba Joyce Boyd 0231130260\9780231130264 Columbia University Press, 2003 Total Pages: 403 Table of Content Introduction. Wrestling with the Muse 1. Beginnings and Endings 2. The Fertile Black Bottom of Paradise Valley 3. Poets of Black Bottom: Dudley Randall Meets...[more]

Worlds of Bronze and Bamboo: Sima Qian's Conquest of History

CODE: COL-B0001184

Price : US$ 64.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Grant Hardy 0231113048\9780231113045 Columbia University Press, 1999 Total Pages: 324 Table of Content 1. Introduction: Why History? 2. Representing the World 3. Microcosmic Reading I 4. Microcosmic Reading II 5. Shaping the World 6. Confucian Reading I 7. Confucian...[more]

Working Forests in the Neotropics: Conservation through Sustainable Management?

CODE: COL-B0000712

Price : US$ 89.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Daniel J. Zarin, Janaki R. R. Alavalapati, Francis E. Putz, Marianne Schmink 0231129068\0231129076\9780231129077 Columbia University Press, 2004 Total Pages: 465 Table of Content Chapter 1. Neotropical Working Forests: Concepts and Realities Part I:Industnal Forestry...[more]

Workers on the Edge: Work, Leisure, and Politics in Industrializing Cincinnati, 1788-1890

CODE: COL-B0000093

Price : US$ 100.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Steven J. Ross 023105520X Columbia University Press, 1985 Total Pages: 428 Table of Content CHAPTER ONE: Forging a Republican World CHAPTER TWO: Cracks in the Republican World CHAPTER THREE: The Decline of Commonwealth and the Rise of Working-Class Protest CHAPTER...[more]

Work and the Workplace: A Resource for Innovative Policy and Practice

CODE: COL-B0000873

Price : US$ 75.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Sheila H. Akabas, Paul A. Kurzman 0231111665\9780231111676 Columbia University Press, 2005 Total Pages: 305 Table of Content Chapter 1. History and Rationale Chapter 2. The Meaning and Context of Work Chapter 3. The Changing Landscape Chapter 4. Social Work in the...[more]

Women, Men, and Spiritual Power: Female Saints and Their Male Collaborators

CODE: COL-B0000531

Price : US$ 48.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
John W. Coakley 9780231134002\0231134002\0508611 Columbia University Press, 2006 Total Pages: 367 Table of Content Introduction. "You Draw Us After You" Chapter1 The Powers of Holy Women Chapter2 Revelation and Authority in Ekbert and Elisabeth of Schonau...[more]

Women of the Forest, Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

CODE: COL-B0000893

Price : US$ 73.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Yolanda Murphy, Robert F.Murphy, with a New Foreword Edited by R. Brian Ferguson 9780231132336 Columbia University Press, Total Pages: 326 Table of Content 1.Woman's Day 2.The Land and the People 3.Beyond the Looking Glass 4.Mundurucu Culture 5.Woman in Myth and...[more]

Women in the Labor Market

CODE: COL-B0000374

Price : US$ 104.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Cynthia B. Lloyd, Emily S. Andrews, Curtis L. Gilroy 0231046383 Columbia University Press, 1997 Total Pages: 415 Table of Content Part One Household Decision-Making and Labor Supply One Bargaining Analyses of Household Decisions Two Comment Three Comment Part Two...[more]

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