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Columbia University

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The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War

CODE: COL-B0000769

Price : US$ 0.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
David L. Anderson 0231114923\0231114931\9780231114936 Columbia University Press, 2002 Total Pages: 332 Table of Content Part I Historical Narrative Chapter 1 Studying the Vietnam War Chapter 2 Vietnam: Historical Background Chapter 3 United States: Historical...[more]

Impossible Picturesqueness: Edward Lear's Indian watercolours, 1873-1875

CODE: COL-B0000936

Price : US$ 0.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Vidya Dehejia 0231069545\9780231069557 Columbia University Press, 1989 Total Pages: 139 Table of Content Edward Lear: Traveller in India First Impressions: From Bombay to Calcutta The Eastern Himalayas 'Delhineations': Delhi and Agra Resorts in the Hills Poona, the...[more]

Domes: A Frank O'Hara Award Book

CODE: COL-B0000136

Price : US$ 11.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
John Koethe 0231037430\0231037449 Columbia University Press, 1973 Total Pages: 71 Table of Content Song The House Below the Coast Maps Process Level Domes Tourmaline Some Domestic Scenes Bird Belgium In the Middle Natural Knowledge Exterior Sodden Mary Astor's...[more]

A Revolution in Eating: How the Quest for Food Shaped America

CODE: COL-B0001188

Price : US$ 19.95

[this product is electronically distributed]
James E. McWilliams 9780231129923\9780231129930 Columbia University Press, 2005 Total Pages: 398 Table of Content Introduction Chapter 1. Adaptability: The Bittersweet Culinary History of the English West Indies Chapter 2. Traditionalism: The Greatest Accomplishment...[more]

The Art of War: Sun Zi's Military Methods

CODE: COL-B0001333

Price : US$ 19.95

[this product is electronically distributed]
Victor H. Mair 9780231508537\9780231133821 Columbia University Press, 2007 Total Pages: 253 Table of Content Introduction Chapter 1. (Initial) Assessments 1 Chapter 2. Doing Battle Chapter 3. Planning for the Attack Chapter 4. Positioning Chapter 5. Configuration...[more]

Virginia Woolf

CODE: COL-B0000072

Price : US$ 20.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Michael Rosenthal 0231048483 Columbia University Press, 1979 Total Pages: 280 Table of Content 1. The Life 2. Bloomsbury 3. The Problem of the Fiction 4. The Voyage Out 5. Night and Day 6. Jacob's Room 7. Mrs. Dalloway 8. To the Lighthouse 9. Orlando 10. The Waves...[more]

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