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Columbia University

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The Japanese Oligarchy and the Russo-Japanese War

CODE: COL-B0000002

Price : US$ 30.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Shumpei Okamoto 0231034040 Columbia University Press, 1970 Total Pages: 374 Table of Content ACKNOWLEDGMENTS CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PART ONE Structure and Attitudes CHAPTER ONE THE OLIGARCHIC STRUCTURE OF JAPAN'S FOREIGN POLICY MAKING CHAPTER TWO...[more]

The Divine Hierarchy: Popular Hinduism in Central India

CODE: COL-B0000003

Price : US$ 87.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Lawrence A. Babb 0231038828 Columbia University Press, 1975 Total Pages: 286 Table of Content Preface Contents List of Illustrations List of Maps Introduction 1 The Ethnographic Setting 2 The Foods of the Gods: Puja 3 Rites of the Life Cycle...[more]

Modern Japanese Drama: An Anthology

CODE: COL-B0000005

Price : US$ 97.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Ted T. Takaya 0231046847 Columbia University Press, 1979 Total Pages: 328 Table of Content PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES YOU, TOO, ARE GUILTY by Kobd Abe YOROBOSHI: THE BLIND YOUNG MAN by Yukio Mishima HOKUSAI...[more]

Biography of a Small Town

CODE: COL-B0000007

Price : US$ 93.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Elvin Hatch 0231046944 Columbia University Press, 1979 Total Pages: 300 Table of Content Introduction Part I. Before 1940 Chapter 1 Economic Development Chapter 2 The Crystallization of Community Chapter 3 Starkey's Social Life Chapter 4...[more]

The Inertia of Fear and the Scientific Worldview

CODE: COL-B0000008

Price : US$ 30.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Valentin Turchin 0231046227 Columbia University Press Total Pages: 322 Table of Content To My American Readers Preface to the Russian Edition I. Totalitarianism Going into the Steady State Don't Worry The Twilight of the Demigods Overcoming...[more]

On Scientific Thinking

CODE: COL-B0000009

Price : US$ 78.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Ryan D. Tweney, Michael E. Doherty, Clifford R. Mynatt 0231048149, 0231048157 Columbia University Press, 1981 Total Pages: 472 Table of Content PREFACE General Introduction Part I. Psychology and the Science of Science 1. The Idols of Human...[more]

The Business Response to Keynes, 1929-1964

CODE: COL-B0000010

Price : US$ 30.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
William E. Leuchtenburg 0231044860 Columbia University Press, 1981 Total Pages: 312 Table of Content Preface and Acknowledgments Chapter 1 The Keynesian Revolution: A Perspective Part I. The Depression Years Chapter 2. Negativistic Opposition to the...[more]

The Changing Television Audience in America

CODE: COL-B0000012

Price : US$ 69.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Robert Bower 0231061145 Columbia University Press, 1985 Total Pages: 186 Table of Content Acknowledgments CHAPTER ONE Introduction: From a Study to a Series CHAPTER TWO Major Trends CHAPTER THREE The Changing Audiences CHAPTER FOUR What the...[more]

Lectures on Ideology and Utopia

CODE: COL-B0000014

Price : US$ 101.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
George H. Taylor 0231060483 Columbia University Press, 1986 Total Pages: 396 Table of Content Editor's Acknowledgments Editor's Introduction 1. Introductory Lecture Part I. Ideology 2. Marx: The Critique of Hegel and the Manuscripts 3. Marx:...[more]

The Natural History Reader in Animal Behavior

CODE: COL-B0000015

Price : US$ 30.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Howard Topoff 0231061587, 0231061595 Columbia University Press, 1987 Total Pages: 258 Table of Content Introduction PART 1 SENSORY PROCESSES AND ORIENTATION 1. A Special Light to Steer 2. The Shark's Sixth Sense 3. Night Fighters in a Sonic Duel...[more]

Democracy In A Communist Party: Poland's Experience Since 1980

CODE: COL-B0000016

Price : US$ 109.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Werner G. Hahn 023106540X Columbia University Press, 1987 Total Pages: 398 Table of Content Introduction CHAPTER 1 THE DRIVE FOR REFORM CHAPTER 2 REFORM IN ELECTION PROCEDURES CHAPTER 3 FACTIONS' STRUGGLE FOR CONTROL CHAPTER 4 THE UNCONTROLLED...[more]

Rural Poverty In South Asia

CODE: COL-B0000019

Price : US$ 126.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
T. N. Srinivasan, Pranab K. Bardhan 0231062249 Columbia University Press, 1988 Total Pages: 575 Table of Content Introduction I. POVERTY AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION: PATTERNS AND TRENDS 1. Poverty and Income Distribution in Bangladesh 2. Income...[more]

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