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Columbia University

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Anthropologists in the Field: Cases in Participant Observation

CODE: COL-B0000827

Price : US$ 76.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Lynne Hume, Jane Mulcock 023113004X\0231130058\9780231130059 Columbia University Press, 2004 Total Pages: 296 Table of Content Part I Positioned Engagements Chapter 1 Awkward Intimacies Prostitution, Politics, and Fieldwork in Urban Mexico by Patty Kelly Chapter 2...[more]

Antitrust and the Formation of the Postwar World

CODE: COL-B0000739

Price : US$ 80.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Wyatt Wells 0231123981\9780231123990 Columbia University Press, 2002 Total Pages: 292 Table of Content Introduction 1. The Cartel Ideal 2. The Context of Antitrust 3. Reform versus Mobilization 4. Making the World Safe for Competition 5. Among Unbelievers:Antitrust...[more]

Anvil of Victory: The Communist Revolution in Manchuria,1945-1948

CODE: COL-B0000243

Price : US$ 82.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Steven I. Levine 0231064365 Columbia University Press, 1987 Total Pages: 335 Table of Content Chapter One Political Conflict in China: The Origins of Civil War Chapter Two Soviet-American Rivalry in Manchuria and the Cold War Chapter Three Building a Structure of...[more]

Anxieties of Empire and the Fiction of Intrigue

CODE: COL-B0001323

Price : US$ 45.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Yumna Siddiqi 9780231138086\9780231510868 Columbia University Press, 2008 Total Pages: 304 Table of Content One: Colonial Anxieties and the Fiction of Intrigue Two: Imperial Intrigue in an English Country House Three: Sherlock Holmes and "the Cesspool of...[more]

Approaches to the Asian Classics

CODE: COL-B0000190

Price : US$ 70.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Wm. Theodore de Bary, Irene Bloom 0231070047 Columbia University Press, 1990 Total Pages: 411 Table of Content 1. Asia in the Core Curriculum 2. Asian Classics as "the Great Books of the East" 3. Classics of the Islamic Tradition The QuÅÄn...[more]

Approaching the Past: Historical Anthropology Through Irish Case Studies

CODE: COL-B0001150

Price : US$ 97.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Marilyn Silverman, P. H. Gulliver 0231079206\0231079214\9780231079211 Columbia University Press, 1992 Total Pages: 439 Table of Content I. Introduction 1. Historical Anthropology and the Ethnographic Tradition: A Personal, Historical, and Intellectual Account by...[more]

Archeological Explanation: The Scientific Method in Archeology

CODE: COL-B0000395

Price : US$ 79.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Patty Jo Watson, Steven A. LeBlanc, Charles L. Redman 0231060289 Columbia University Press, 1984 Total Pages: 329 Table of Content Chapter One The Logic of Science, the Nature of Explanation, and Archeology as Science Chapter Two Systems Theory and Archeology Chapter...[more]

Art of the Imperial Cholas

CODE: COL-B0000926

Price : US$ 63.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Vidya Dehejia 0231071884\9780231071888 Columbia University Press, 1990 Total Pages: 169 Table of Content I: The Age of a Pious Queen: The Tenth Century II: A Tale of Two Emperors: The Eleventh Century III: Of Monarchs and Men: The Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries [more]

Art Therapy and Eating Disorders: The Self as Significant Form

CODE: COL-B0000809

Price : US$ 83.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Mury Rabin 0231127685\0231127693\9780231127691 Columbia University Press, 2003 Total Pages: 250 Table of Content Introduction Art Therapy and Eating Disorders Chapter 1 Significance of Appropriate Body Image Chapter 2 Body Image and the Self Chapter 3 The Therapy of...[more]

Artificial Intelligence and Human Reason: A Teleological Critique

CODE: COL-B0000246

Price : US$ 75.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Joseph F. Rychlak 0231072902 Columbia University Press, 1991 Total Pages: 222 Table of Content 1. The Chinese Room and Its Implications 2. Predicational Explanation Across the Ages 3. The Many Faces of Cognitive Simulation 4. Language in Cognitive Representation 5....[more]

At Emerson's Tomb : The Politics of Classic American Literature

CODE: COL-B0000831

Price : US$ 83.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
John Carlos Rowe 0231058942\0231058950\9780231058957 Columbia University Press, 1997 Total Pages: 320 Table of Content At Emerson's Tomb: The Politics of Classic American Literature 1. At Emerson's Tomb 2. "Hamlet's Task":Emerson's Political Writings 3....[more]

At Home in America: Second Generation New York Jews

CODE: COL-B0000995

Price : US$ 77.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Deborah Dash Moore 0231050623\9780231050630 Columbia University Press, 1981 Total Pages: 319 Table of Content 1. New York Jews 2. Jewish Geography 3. A World of Its Own 4. Ethnic Identity and the Neighborhood School 5. From Chevra to Center 6. A Collective Enterprise...[more]

Attachment and Dynamic Practice: An Integrative Guide for Social Workers and Other Clinicians

CODE: COL-B0000899

Price : US$ 80.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Jerrold R. Brandell, Shoshana Ringel 9780231133906\9780231133913\9780231508551 Columbia University Press, 2007 Total Pages: 227 Table of Content One Beginnings:Early Conceptions of the Mother-Infant Relationship Two Bowlby's Theory of Attachment Three Contemporary...[more]

Audience Economics: Media Institutions and the Audience Marketplace

CODE: COL-B0000832

Price : US$ 79.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Philip M. Napoli 0231126522\0231126530\9780231126533 Columbia University Press, 2003 Total Pages: 249 Table of Content Audience Economics Introduction Chapter 1. The Audience Marketplace Chapter 2. The Predicted Audience-Measured Audience Relationship Chapter 3. The...[more]

Authority and Upheaval in Leipzig, 1910-1920: The Story of a Relationship

CODE: COL-B0000886

Price : US$ 69.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Sean Dobson 0231120761\9780231120760 Columbia University Press, 2001 Total Pages: 510 Table of Content Introduction Part 1 Portrait of a Relationship: 1910-January 1915 1. Standards of Living and Social Mobility in Prewar Leipzig 2. Experience in the Social Realm in...[more]

Authors and Authority:English and American Criticism 1750-1990

CODE: COL-B0000947

Price : US$ 147.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Patrick Parrinder 0231076460\0231076479\9780231076470 Columbia University Press, 1977 Total Pages: 402 Table of Content 1. Samuel Johnson: The Academy and the Market-Place 2. William Wordsworth: The Poet as Prophet 3. The Romantic Critics 4. Victorian Criticism: The...[more]

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