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Columbia University

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A Sanskrit Primer

CODE: COL-B0000049

Price : US$ 30.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Edward Delavan Perry 0231008589 Columbia University Press, 1936 Total Pages: 244 Table of Content Preface to the Edition of 1936 Suggestions for using the Primer Introduction Lesson I. Lesson II. Lesson III. Lesson IV. Lesson V. Lesson VI....[more]

A Short History of Opera,Fouth Edition

CODE: COL-B0001045

Price : US$ 50.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Donald Jay Grout, Hermine Weigel Williams 9780231119580 Columbia University Press, 2003 Total Pages: 1045 Table of Content Introduction Part 1 Music and Drama to the End of the Sixteenth Century Chapter 1 The Lyric Theater of the Greeks Chapter 2 Medieval Dramatic...[more]

A Theory of Criminal Justice

CODE: COL-B0000247

Price : US$ 79.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Jan Gorecki 0231046707 Columbia University Press, 1979 Total Pages: 197 Table of Content Part One Criminal Justice as an Implement of Learning Chapter One Learning Part Two Criminal Punishment in America Chapter Two Justice Chapter Three Certainty Part Three The...[more]

A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers

CODE: COL-B0000597

Price : US$ 54.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Hsiao Li-hung, Translated by Michelle Wu 9780231117937\0231117922 Columbia University Press, 2000 Total Pages: 319 Table of Content A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen...[more]

A Token of My Affection: Greeting Cards and American Business Culture

CODE: COL-B0000600

Price : US$ 80.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Barry Shank 9780231118798\231118783\0231118791 Columbia University Press, 2004 Total Pages: 366 Table of Content Introduction: Structured Feelings amid Circulations ot the Heart 1. Vicious Sentiments: Nineteenth-Century Valentines and the Sentimental Production of...[more]

A Woman Soldier's Own Story: The Autobiography of Xie Bingying

CODE: COL-B0000547

Price : US$ 36.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Xie Bingying, Translated by Lily Chia Brissman and Barry Brissman 0231122500\9780231122504 Columbia University Press, 2001 Total Pages: 315 Table of Content Volume One Part I Childhood Part 2 School Part 3 War Part 4 Prison Part 5 Farewell Changsha Volume Two Part 6...[more]

A World Safe for Capitalism: Dollar Diplomacy and America's Rise to Global Power

CODE: COL-B0000635

Price : US$ 24.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Cyrus Veeser 9780231125864\9780231235877 Columbia University Press, 2002 Total Pages: 277 Table of Content A World Safe for Capitalism Introduction: Economic Power and American Expansion, 1892 to 1907 1. The Gilded Age Goes Abroad:The San Domingo Improvement Company...[more]

A Zoologist Looks at Humankind

CODE: COL-B0000183

Price : US$ 30.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Adolf Portmann 0231061943 Columbia University Press, 1990 Total Pages: 186 Table of Content 1. The Newborn Human 2. The First Tear of Life 3. The Human Life-Form 4. The Extrauterine Spring* 5. Growth After the First Year 6. Senescence 7. Conclusion [more]

Abandoned to Lust: Sexual Slander and Ancient Christianity

CODE: COL-B0000605

Price : US$ 48.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Jennifer Wright Knust 0231136625\0231510047\ Columbia University Press, 2006 Total Pages: 301 Table of Content Abandoned to Lust Introduction: Who's on Top? Sex Talk, Power, and Resistance Chapter 1: Sexual Slander and Ancient Invective Chapter 2: Paul, the Slaves...[more]

Aboriginal Populations in the Mind: Race and Primitivity in Psychoanalysis

CODE: COL-B0000754

Price : US$ 31.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Celia Brickman 0231125828\0231125836\9780231125833 Columbia University Press, 2003 Total Pages: 298 Table of Content Introduction Chapter 1 The Figure of the Primitive: A Brief Genealogy Chapter 2 Psychoanalysis and the Colonial Imagination: Evolutionary Thought in...[more]

Abundance of Life: Human Development Policies for an Aging Society

CODE: COL-B0000806

Price : US$ 83.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Harry R.Moody 0231065922\9780231065924 Columbia University Press, 1988 Total Pages: 324 Table of Content Abundance of Life 1. Introduction: Abundance of Life 2. The Specter of Decline: Fear of an Aging Society 3. Aging in the Postindustrial Society 4. Late Life and...[more]

Acre: The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian City, 1730-1831

CODE: COL-B0000957

Price : US$ 83.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Thomas Philipp 0231123264\0231123272\9780231123273 Columbia University Press, 2001 Total Pages: 313 Table of Content Introduction Chapter 1 Southwest Syria in the Eighteenth Century: Highways. Sea Lanes, and Populations Chapter 2 The Politics of Acre Chapter 3 Trade:...[more]

Action, Art, History: Engagements with Arthur C. Danto

CODE: COL-B0000508

Price : US$ 48.50

[this product is electronically distributed]
Daniel Herwitz, Michael Kelly 0231137966\9780231510844\0231510845\9780231137966 Columbia University Pres, 2007 Total Pages: 254 Table of Content 1 Arthur Danto at Columbia and in New York by Akeel Bilgrami 2 Danto's Action by Donald Davidson 3 Crossing Paths by...[more]

Active Social Capital: Tracing the Roots of Development and Democracy

CODE: COL-B0000656

Price : US$ 28.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Anirudh Krishna 0231125704\0231125712\9780231125710 Columbia University Press, 2002 Total Pages: 268 Table of Content 1. Introduction: Can Social Capital Help Support Development and Democracy? 2. How Might Social Capital Matter? 3. Structure and Agency: New...[more]

Acute Grief: Counseling the Bereaved

CODE: COL-B0000122

Price : US$ 100.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Otto S. Margolis, Howard C. Raether, Austin H. Kutscher, J. Bruce Powers, Irene B. Seeland, Robert DeBellis, Daniel J. Cherico, Lillian G. Kutscher 0231045867 Columbia University Press, 1981 Total Pages: 300 Table of Content Part I: Overview of Loss, Grief, and...[more]

Adaptive Governance: Integrating Science,Policy, and Decision Making

CODE: COL-B0000828

Price : US$ 90.00

[this product is electronically distributed]
Ronald D. Brunner, Toddi A. Steelman, Lindy Coe-Juell, Christina M. Cromley, Christine M. Edwards, Donna W.Tucker 0231136242\0231136250\9780231136259 Columbia University Press, 2005 Total Pages: 339 Table of Content 1. Beyond Scientific Management by Ronald D....[more]

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